Jeané D. Ridges—an editor/poetic storyteller/food admirer living with systemic lupus and abundant with southern melanin.

Jeané D. Ridges

They | Name

Quintessential Ingredients

  • tea tree oil

  • wonderin

  • tenderness

  • abundant southern melanin

  • aromatic roasted red potatoes

  • systemic lupus

  • pluriversal being/dreamin

  • oniony, peppery yellow grits*

*If ya need a more bio-shaped thingy: Jeané D. Ridges was born and bloomed in the southeast of the land the United States occupies, and it remains where they reside being nourished by soul-filling food and expansive tales. Their quintessential ingredients are tea tree oil, wonderin, tenderness, abundant southern melanin, aromatic roasted red potatoes, systemic lupus, pluriversal being/dreamin, an oniony, peppery yellow grits. You can discover their poetic storytelling and how to connect at or @jdridges (bsky/twitter).


Editing & Beta Reading Services

You can find a comprehensive overview of my services and inquire about me doing beta reading for your verse and short stories or editing for longer works at the Google Form linked below.


  • Current: Copyeditor | khōréō magazine; Freelancer | Tessera Editorial (I'm also an alum of their 2022 mentorship program)

  • Past: First Reader | Strange Horizons; Freelancer | Tate & Clayburn—Line Editing and Localization for Audiobook Scripts